PA Precious Metals

PA Precious Metals offers a solution to this compliance concern through our unique technology.  We allow vendors to capture critical data during each transaction.  Using our product allows each proprietor and sales associate to obtain a picture of a valid state or federal ID (Passport, Military ID, Driver’s License, etc…) of the individual attempting to sell an asset, as well as the individual’s address, phone number, and other essential pieces of personal information.  In addition, through the use of our software, the vendor can supply images of each purchased item, along with detailed descriptions of inscriptions, engravings, and unique identifiers.

At the conclusion of each transaction, a record is entered in our searchable, sortable database, and made immediately available to law enforcement personnel and participating insurance representatives. 

We track the frequency with which an individual is making sales, and allow all users to search the full database to develop a clear picture of who is selling, what is being sold, and how often.

In the event of suspicious or illegal circumstances, our database becomes a tool for insurers, investigators, and prosecutors.
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Mission: PA Precious Metals will provide vendors, law enforcement, and insurance representatives consistent access to reliable precious metals sales data through the use of dynamic technology and user-centered customer-service.

Vision: Through the concerted efforts of vendors, law enforcement, and insurance representatives, PA Precious Metals will afford participants in precious metals transactions the opportunity to conduct business and investigate suspicious and illegal activity through the use of our continually updated database.  The data entered into and retrieved from our servers and software will aid in the; reduction of criminal activity, the rise in discovery and apprehension of criminals, and frequency with which stolen items are recovered and returned to their rightful owners.


A.    Record – Capture critical information about the people you deal with and the items they’re selling.
B.    Review – Check the database for frequent, suspicious, or illegal activity.
C.    Report – Create alerts and contact the appropriate law enforcement office when you have a concern.

Technology should solve problems and make us more efficient.  Our application presents an intuitive and innovative way to monitor industry trends you’re already required to monitor.  The benefits of using PA Precious Metals include:
-    Compliance
-    Affordability
-    Security
-    Accessibility
-    Ease of Use
-    Convenience
-    Partnership

Responsibilities of a Licensee

EFFECTIVE MARCH 31, 2015          

A fee of $50.00 for a 12 month license is required and must accompany the application.  A money order or cashier’s check must be made out to the respective County Sheriff office.      

A compliance fee will be required prior to access to the PA Precious Metals database by all licensees.  Payments can be made on line at Payment shall be made in the form of Master Card, Visa Card.  OR, a cashier’s check made out to PA Precious Metals 

Customer Transactions will be electronically filed utilizing the Southwest Pennsylvania precious metals database found at 

  1. Electronic Filing Requirement’s

Effective March 31, 2015, all precious metals transactions will be filed electronically using the following website 

  1. Valid driver’s license or passport photograph AND Drivers License number with issuing entity;
  2. Name, age, address of seller, A detailed and accurate description of property purchased, to include Brand Name and make;
  3. A Copy of each record to the District Attorney shall be uploaded into the electronic filing system found at ;
  4. Each piece of merchandise will be photographed separately and uploaded into the electronic form; however, if an item is part of a set such as ear rings or cuff links,  they can be photographed together and electronically filed
  5. A photograph of the seller OR seller government issued Drivers License or Passport shall be electronically filed and uploaded into the appropriate data field.
  1. Dealers Retention of Precious Metals and Availability for Inspection
  2. Records to be maintained by dealer for one (1) year and be available for inspection;
  3. Precious Metals to be retained for full working days after report;
  4. Out of State/County dealers are required to keep purchased items in the county for the required period and will be required to use the electronic filing system.  ALL transactions will be required to use the approved electronic filing system found at ;
  5. Precious Metals to be available for inspection by law enforcement officials of the Federal Government, the commonwealth or any of its municipalities. No search warrant required.
  6. Law enforcement to give notice when they believe item was stolen;
  7. Each item of precious metal shall be retained within the county where purchased.
  1. Purchases from Minors
  2. Dealer shall require any minor to produce written authority of a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis; a copy of the written authority of a parent or guardian shall be electronically filed using the “upload Drivers License /  Passport” data field;
  3. Minors to wait three (3) full working days for payment
  1. Posting of Prices
  2. Pricing for the purchase of precious metals shall be posted by the dealer in compliance with rules and regulations promulgated by the Department of Agriculture;
  3. Prices shall be clearly visible to the public
  1. Scales & Weighing Devices
  2. Scales and other weighing or measuring devices used by dealers in precious metals shall be in accordance with rules and regulations promulgated by the Department of Agriculture;
  3. Scales shall be certified on an annual basis. The Department of Agriculture Region 4 can be reached by calling 724-443-1585;
  4. If your application does not include a copy of the certification, it will not be processed until it is received by the Sheriff’s office.
  1. Inspection by Licensee
  2. The acceptance of a license by a dealer implies consent to inspections of his, her or its premises by authorized law enforcement.
  1. Penalties
  2. Any violation of this act shall be a third degree misdemeanor;
  3. Conviction on any violation of this act shall result in revocation of said dealers license;
  4. Dealer shall be ineligible to reapply for a period of five (5) years.

All questions regarding electronic filing can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by contacting:

Customer Support @ 724-359-5103

Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM-7:00 PM; except Government Holidays